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In defense of slow fashion

Eve Emanuel

Today I am tackling a debate. Slow fashion versus fast fashion. Two articles that came my way recently , one from Vogue Runway in my e mail box, and the other invitation from my own very personal fashion Icon left me wondering if the current fashion industry has been taken over by some peculiar auto immune disease. 

The invitation , was from Jussara Lee-  a veteran luxury designer of bespoke clothing for the  real aristocrat of the senses.( Her clothing is not out to show or prove. It just is. But that is for another time to discuss. ) In any case, the invitation was to view a The True Cost ,  a documentary take on fast fashion . The second , a mailing from Vogue contained the disturbing news of the firing of  gentle natured designer and maestro of Lanvin for the past fourteen years - Alber Elbaz- by his business owners. His "crime" was attempting to please real women , and create a vision true to his own , while also accepting that "party glamour and red carpet dresses were the demands of the industry hype. 

As a result, I became an enthusiast in spreading Andrew Morgan’s take on the largest segment of the fashion industry: fast fashion
— Jussara Lee

What both the designers mentioned above have in common , is a true sense of themsleves and fashion integrity.  They are gentle and sweet tempered which outflows into their designs. They are looking to create what the woman on the street can wear with delight and use for many years to come. They have formed the basis of my fashion philosophy. Indeed Jussara is one designer who inspired me to become a designer, for without the human element of connection, what is creativity all about?