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The Woes of Fast Fashion

Eve Emanuel

“The woes of Fast Fashion 1”


In my youth I was exposed to the fashion arena of Milan , Paris and London in their heyday . The eighties was an economic upswing  which enabled the manufactures, of high quality well made clothing for happily padded middle classes.   Happy to throw their money away to increase the quantity of their closets.


Retail shops were at their peak as Flagship stores touted the likes of Benetton,  Stefanel (I still own a blouse from that one.)  As Well as the known brand names Dior, Valentino and others. Back to 2017 , Internet shopping  has increased the need for fast fashion.  Now companies such as ASOS, H&M, Zara, The Gap and others have to fill the demand for more and cheap fast fashion.  As well as keep up with the chameleon like trends of the fashion hype of the moment.


Enter Fast Fashion

In order to feed this growing monster of demand supply and quick to those who don’t want to stop and smell the roses, these companies must outsource most of their labor and factories to places far away from the end consumer, plus meet the need for a low price point and quick turnaround in production.  This often involves unethical business practices.   


Such as exploited labor, tons of fabric wastage, and damage to the environment (another topic for another blog post). The end result of the product in the retail chain is often a  product of what is coined today as “fast fashion”, a quickly spun up piece of clothing produced in mass quantities to serve an ever growing need to buy new .

A slow grassroots awareness for the need of slow fashion has come about.

Lately many Indie designers have sprung up such as Daniel Silverstain who upcycles scraps to create new fabrics.  Some have even honed their  “home industries”  to refashion themselves  into legitimate small and successful fashion lines such as Demestix who launched on  The crux? To fulfill a void of misunderstood people in need of individual attention.

There is an undercurrent growing need for something made with quality and love.  Garments that celebrate individuality and that can meet  the subconscious needs of women.  Who are unaware why they are so unhappy with their shopping experiences.


And this is where we MTJf position ourselves. Aswell as just providing Modest Clothing , we are universally tackling that void for those who want good craftsmanship and cut.  A well made product that will then fit in with their lifestyle and up the ante of their wardrobe .  There is enough hype, there are enough fast fashion items out there today. It is our job to provide what is not there to complement the fast fashion arena.