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Designer clothing for the real woman that happens to be modest. Versatile, everyday chic Made in NY



Inspiration behind the Iridescent Collection

malky berkowitz

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“We used iridescent and light as stardust fabrics to create pieces that feel enlightening and a bit magical”

Hi. I am Malky Berkowitz  creative director of More Than Just Figleaves where our goal is to provide what  is lacking missing in the modest  fashion market . We strive to provide a uniques designer vision to the modest fashion world.

After  I scoured boutiques and magazines alike for something  new and different I fell upon the  iridescence trend that has been embraced by both high-fashion couture houses as well as high street mass-production chains but was lacking in the modest fashion world. In many boutiques  and fashion houses today you can find a glistening fairy like dress or top yet in the modest fashion world there is  a scarcity of this magical fairy-dust like sartorial eye-candy. I brought the idea of creating an iridescent, lighter-than-air  collection to Eve our designer and she took that dream and developed it  into a beautiful reality!

The iridescence and star-struck collections are very fantasy-driven collections. They are sewn with an impeccable attention to detail but also an almost whimsical lightness that creates a contrast to the raw seams and earthy silhouettes. Whether layering one of the transparent dresses over a beige shell dress for a classic elegance or pairing our high-shine skirt with a ribbed sweater for a cool riff on street-style dressing this collection will infuse couture sensibilities and other-worldly ingenuity to any ensemble.