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Designer clothing for the real woman that happens to be modest. Versatile, everyday chic Made in NY



Why we love the Demureist

Eve Emanuel

MTJF loves The Demureist! That cannot be stated enough. 

A few months ago, we teamed up with Mariana Aguilera; editor of The Demureist to host our first fashion showcase. As host, she made our showcase livelier and added her personal flair to every aspect of the day. Mariana was such as sweet, hardworking, and amazing person who loved shared our love of modest fashion, craftsmanship, and style! 

Mariana says this about what her site is all about:

"The Demureist is a an outlet for me to express my appreciation for us women, modest fashion and create a platform for women from all faiths and walks of life who to are personally changing and evolving(who have a voice) at the rhythm of their own lives, because the point is to move ahead from our past selves". 

We love Marianas passion , sincerity and artistry which has given modest fashion blogging a high profile expo0sure. We look forward to continue working in the name of modest fashion and supporting all the endevors of The Demureist. Check out her wonderful website here. 

To view photos of our fashion showcase hosted by the Demureist click here.

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